Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure Projects

The Village of Marwayne works hard at maintaining and restoring vital community infrastructure on an annual basis. 

In 2023, the Village of Marwayne intends to:

  • Replace the water valves at the corners of 3rd Street North/3rd Avenue North and 3rd Street North/Railway Avenue;
  • Replace the pavement on 3rd Street North frrom 3rd Avenue North to Railway Avenue;
  • Replace the pavement on 4th Avenue North from 2nd Street South to the first manhole;
  • Replace the pavement on Railway Avenue from Highway 897 to Centre Street; and
  • Replace the pavement on 3rd Avenue North from 2nd Street to the 1st Alley on the West Side of the street. 

ATCO Energy's Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project

In February of 2024, ATCO will visit homes within our community to start installing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Radio Gatewats and Meters. AMI is an integrated system comprising smart meters, radio gateways that collect the meter read data, communication networks, and data management systems. It facilitates two-way communication between utilities and customers, offering a range of benefits:

  • Remote power outage detection for quick response and restoration
  • Additional energy management options for customers
  • Digital meter reads, reducing operating costs for customers
  • More accurate readings and fewer site visits with remote connect/disconnect capabilities
  • Promotion of energy literacy and customer knowledge through increased data access via ATCO's appl and compatibility with Home Energy Monitors

For more information on the project, please visit or see below.

2024 AMI Community Handout

2024 AMI Postcard