Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure Projects

The Village of Marwayne works hard at maintaining and restoring vital community infrastructure on an annual basis. 

In 2023, the Village of Marwayne intends to:

  • Replace the water valves at the corners of 3rd Street North/3rd Avenue North and 3rd Street North/Railway Avenue;
  • Replace the pavement on 3rd Street North frrom 3rd Avenue North to Railway Avenue;
  • Replace the pavement on 4th Avenue North from 2nd Street South to the first manhole;
  • Replace the pavement on Railway Avenue from Highway 897 to Centre Street; and
  • Replace the pavement on 3rd Avenue North from 2nd Street to the 1st Alley on the West Side of the street. 

ATCO Voltage Conversion Project

On or around June 3rd, 2024, ATCO will begin a 25KV voltage conversion project for the distribution power lines supplying electricity to the Village of Marwayne. As the electricity service provider for our area, ATCO builds, maintains, and repairs the lines that keep the power on.

To continue serving the customers in this region the primary-side (utility side) voltage used on the distribution power line is being increased. Please note, this will not change the voltage on the secondary-side (customer side) of the transformer supplying power to your home or business. 

To facilitate this conversion there will be a considerable amount of asset replacements/rebuilds (transformers, poles and lines) taking place. Our operations personnel will work with the Village of Marwayne to schedule outages and plan the work being completed. This project is expected to be approximately 3 months in duration with rolling outages. 

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact ATCO directly by phone or email using the information provided below.

Lawrence Espela - Designer, Distribution Engineering - 403 831 7748 -

Jeff Gillespie - Construction Lead - 780 872 1658 -

For a map of the project, please click here.