Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation

Looking to explore nature? Look no further. Grab your friends, family and/or neighbors and come enjoy the day in the great outdoors.  

Walking Trails

In 2020, the Village of Marwayne began construction of our asphalt walking trail system. Since then, we've been able to expand the trajectory throughout the community and look forward to adding another 1000 linear meters this coming fall. The map to the left showcases the Village of Marwayne's current walking trails as well as highlights where the trail will be going in 2022. 

Splash Park

The Village of Marwayne will begin construction on a new splash park featuring eight (8) components this fall. Although the splash park will move ahead in 2022, it will not be operational until the summer of 2023. Located in Westview Park, behind the manors, the splash park will be easily accessible via the newly constructed walking trails. Parking will be available on the nearby road allowances or a short distance away at the multiplex.

We look forward to offering this new amenity to our residents and visitors alike!

Westview Park

Westview Park is the home to playground equipment, an outdoor rink and soon to be walking trails and a splash park! Located behind the senior manors on 2nd Street South, Westview Park is a short walk from the Marwayne Campground and Community Hall.